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Where have you been all my life?? I HATE chopping fruit and vegetables, but I like to make my own food in our instant pot for dietary reasons. I used this little chopper for the first time today and I am so impressed with the performance. I chopped 1.5 pounds of carrots, 1 apple, and 1 small onion in no time for Ginger Carrot Soup I wanted for lunch. I was eating that soup by the time it would have normally taken to chop all those ingredients by hand.

The apple and onion were simply cut in half and placed flat side down. For carrots, cut each carrot down to the approximate size of the chopping plate and then slice in half (flat side down). Don’t overload the tray with too many carrots and wham-o…chopped carrots.

This device will be heavily used in this household as I’ve never had a better chopper (and I’ve own several mandolins which scare the crap out of me).

Versatile Food Chopper

I can't believe what a dull knife I have been using. It wouldn't even cut a lime wedge. Now it cuts my fruit with no effort and the cuts look almost surgical. It even worked on my ten year old dollar store knife. Although not as sharp at my expensive one.Before you buy expensive new knives, I recommend trying this first.

Robery Carty
Tungsten Steel Blade Sharpener

There are dozens of versions of this type of three-bladed manual chopper. This one is at a great price, and having now used it dozens of times, the workmanship is great and it is easy to clean. Most mini food processors and immersion blenders either don’t chop finely enough or reduce your herbs and veggies to purée. This thing allows you to get precisely the level of chop you want by repeatedly pulling on the retractable cord. Inexpensive and reliable. Includes a covered hole to add liquid if you want without having to remove the top.

Sharp One
Multi Function Food Processor

Of course you can boil eggs, drain the water and store the eggs yourself. It was somewhat difficult to put the eggs in the "pigeon wings" the first time because of the fear of breaking the eggs. However, once I got the hang of putting the eggs in and taking them out of the container, it is a breeze. I like the fact you can boil and refrigerate the eggs in the same container. You know which eggs are boiled and which eggs are fresh.

Penguin Egg Steamer

I've been eyeing these strainers for a while because my pots take two hands to pour out, and if I'm cooking, I might have dirty dishes in the sink and not want to clear it to use a colander, etc. With this clipped on my biggest pot, I can hold just the (cool) handle and not have to maneuver around (hot) steam, and then I can continue cooking in the drained pot without needing to make a transfer, which means fewer dishes and simpler tasks. I also really like that this doesn't take up much space in my tiny kitchen.

Snap-On Strainer

I bought this to hold sugar next to my kureg for tea and coffee and I love the sleek look of it! I wanted something simple but also something that kept my sugar fresh and this is perfect! It is the perfect size too!

Danielle Goolsbay
Stylish Ceramic Jar